Boudoir Session with Mrs. E

I’m sure Mrs. E husband will be enjoying his birthday gift this year. šŸ˜‰
I captured so many beautiful boudoir images of this lady.
Enjoy xoxo


Empowering women one session at a time

I get asked often ‘why do you shoot boudoir?’. The answer is simple. I love empowering women, I love seeing their eyes light up after they see their hair and makeup done. I love seeing women smile when they look at their final product. All women are beautiful regardless of your size. I can make you love things about yourself that you have always disliked. Boudoir is my passion, every woman deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin.

This pretty lady was nervous about her session with me. She’s curvy and she’s gorgeous. This just shows you don’t have to be a certain weight to feel beautiful, to have confidence, and to do something for yourself. We all need a ‘boost’ every once in a while.

Enjoy xoxo


Boudoir Marathon at The Tennessean Luxury Hotel

It’s that time again. Another boudoir marathon. This will be my first time shooting at the luxurious Tennessean Hotel located in Downtown Knoxville. I have reserved the one bedroom panoramic king suite. Our backdrop will be a city view. I’m so excited about this. Space is limited and this will book fast.

Saturday, June 3rd

Package A $400
Includes hair, makeup, 3 outfits, 20 retouched digital images, and (2) 5×7 prints

Package B $600
Includes hair, makeup, 4 outfits, 40 retouched digital images, and 8×10 custom photo album

$100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your time.

For more info on the hotel please visit

Boudoir Session

I loved this session! I think it is extremely amazing and beautiful to see both a woman and a couple so happy to do this kind of shoot to celebrate their anniversary! The confidence it takes in both the subject, as well as the photographer is what makes me feel special as Knoxville’s premiere boudoir photographer. I love seeing beautiful women come alive and blossom in front of the camera, possibly doing something they normally wouldn’t think to do. Mrs. S was both a pleasure and an inspiration to work with and I hope she feels as empowered as we all should within ourselves.

Boudoir Session with Miss Nikki

Boudoir sessions. Need a pick me up? Do a boudoir session. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and boudoir sessions do just this! 


Clown Session

I love when my clients let me be creative and do something ‘out of the box’. I’ve been itching to create something out of the norm. I found this little hidden gem a few years ago driving down the interstate but this was the first time I’ve ever shot there. I know this is not your typical boudoir session but I love the way these turned out so I had to share. 

If you book a session with me and want to be creative, I’d love it.


Flower Bath Boudoir Sessions

Hey ladies. I am now offering flower bath bomb photo sessions! 

Price: $175. Comes with 5 retouched digital images, hair and makeup. You can go topless or wear a gown. All types of colors, all types of styles. Excited about shooting these types of sessions!

Sarah, my muse, froze to death doing this for me but I have figured out a way to get warm water šŸ˜‰

Enjoy xoxo